Playing a music instrument affects the brain in ways that only listening to music cannot.


When neuro-scientists monitored the brain in real time while playing a musical instrument, they  noticed that brain activity resembles a full body workout. 

Science proves that playing a musical instrument actually builds brain power. It improves fine motor skills, creativity, and even mathematical abilities.Increases the attention span of children with ADHD.  Not only that, but piano playing benefits may go as far as strengthening memory, cognitive abilities, speech and reading. For detailed research papers on this check the following link:

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In 1995, a study led by neurologist and neuroscientist Gottfried Schlaug found that professional musicians who started playing before the age of 7 have an unusually thick corpus callosum, the bundle of axons that serves as an information superhighway between the left and right sides of the brain.


Research actually shows how piano players’ brains are actually different from everybody else’s. Piano is the most demanding instrument; two hands have to play together simultaneously. To manage this, pianists have to develop a totally unique brain capacity — one that has been revealed by science.


This information is extremely valuable, especially if used to help children with special needs.


In my studio, I witnessed the difference playing piano can make and the big improvement the children with special needs experience after only a few months of lessons.


 “Piano sessions developed my son’s talent and his passion for music, and at the same time, they were a therapy for his speech delay.”


Khaled’s mother - Khaled (6 years old), Amman – Jordan






“Dima was able to teach to my son’s ability and bring out the best in him. After only 5 weeks of piano lessons with her, Marwan’s teachers were very impressed by how much his handwriting has improved.”


Marwan’s mother, Marwan (15 years old), Amman – Jordan






“… my little kid’s attention span and speech improved drastically.”


AC, Mother of a 6 year old child, Amman – Jordan





“My son loves his piano lessons, he is always learning something new, as well as given the chance to improvise and have fun. He can now read music notes and play with both hands at 6 years of age. I’m so proud of him and very thankful for Dima Tahboub for her dedication and professionalism.”


A’s mother, Amman – Jordan



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