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How teaching piano can improve speech in autistic children, interview with Henny Kupferstein part II

Does using the proper method affect other areas such as reading or speech?

Absolutely, this method goes a lot deeper than teaching note reading to people who have a gift. It's all evidence based because of the neurology of what happens with perfect pitch and what we found with perfect pitchers, is that almost across the board, and especially with the right brain variation, we have people who have difficulty in reading comprehension, and difficulty in mathematics. And that again goes against the stereotype of: people with perfect pitch are good in math....What we found that with perfect pitch there is a difficulty or divide between visual motor cohesion.........

Is this method also helpful for children with ADHD and Dyslexia?


In addition to this Henny explains how and why from all the children she taught, those who were exposed to ABA were the most difficult students to help.

This was my favourite part of the interview. A must watch! Enjoy.

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