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Teaching piano to students with disabilities.
Practical Tips and Strategies that you can implement now!

Do you want to be inclusive to students with disabilities but lack the resources and confidence to do so?

"Studying with Dima has been amazing for my son Caspar who is 8 years old! Being dyslexic, he had struggled to learn to read music notes for more than a year, and his last teacher could not help him. As a parent, I saw that playing the piano lessons became a stressful experience for Caspar and that he lost them of playing the piano. I was over the moon when I found Dima’s website and when she agreed to teach Caspar! Amazingly, he learned to read the notes in very little time using Dima’s colour coding system, and he has made incredible progress. Dima has demonstrated both endless patience and warm empathy which have helped Caspar to overcome his initial difficulties very quickly. The most surprising aspect of this success is that the classes have all happened online over Zoom (Dima is based in Amman, we are in London). Dima and Caspar have developed a wonderful rapport and mutual understanding over the last year which allows them to do the classes completely independently, and I am not needed for help. I can't recommend Dima highly enough! "
Ilka Dunn, Casper's mother (Caspar 8 years old), London - England

"I have just taken on my first student with Down Syndrome. I had no idea where to start to find specialised information. I just came across your articles and video and wanted to say thank you so much for publishing this material! It has helped me immensely and has made me very excited about the process ahead."

J M, Piano Teacher, Sydney - Australia

“Meeting with Dima has given me the chance to see children with special needs in a whole new light with a clear vision. I also gained lots of different skills so my students can grasp that information and yet at the same time have fun with the music. When Dima shared her passion I receive it in a beautiful way full of love. She gives me her full attention and I feel as if I’m I’m the only person in the world.”

Zlota Shira Lavrinoff, Piano Teacher, USA


I help piano teachers go from feeling worried and inexperienced in teaching piano to children with disabilities to having enough confidence equipped with the most effective mindset and resources so they can include students with special needs in their studios.

Would you like to teach piano to students with special needs but...


  • You have tried many times and no matter how slow you went, traditional method books simply didn’t work. They couldn’t get it.

  • You are afraid to try because you don't have the resources and don't know where to start.

  • You are worried because you heard many stories of children with special needs having behavior problems that are challenging and very difficult to handle.

  • You don't believe you have enough knowledge and experience needed to get good results.

  • You are concerned that you will end up working double the usual hours preparing individualized lesson plans and searching the web for answers to problems.

  • You're tired of drilling flashcards only to find out that once faced with sheet music everything is forgotten.

  • No matter how hard you try, your student doesn't understand the concept of assigning a number to a finger.

  • Your student has very weak control over his/her fingers and finds it impossible to play with all fingers.

  • You are tired of teaching everything by memorization and rote.

  • The popular method books go too fast and your student isn't benefitting from them.

  • Your student isn't moving ahead and you cannot pinpoint the problem but something doesn't feel right. Your student is practicing and doing the best she can. She starts to lose interest and becomes frustrated, lessons become a burden on both of you, and eventually, your student quits.

  • Your student is memorizing every single lesson, refuses to look at the book, and insists on playing from memory, eyes on the hands... most of the time this is a sign of a learning difficulty..soon enough the pieces become too long and difficult to be memorized and you feel stuck. 

According to statistics, approximately 15% of the students have special educational needs.


Do you dream of being able to reach every child and you truly want to be inclusive, but you are turning down students with special needs because you don’t feel you have the expertise to do so, or maybe you feel that you are not prepared to deal with the potential challenges and extra work involved?​​

If this is the case, you are not alone...I was there... I know how it feels.

Here Is How You Can Get My Support...


  • I've set aside some time to speak with teachers like you about how to address situations similar to the ones mentioned above.

  • Fill in the form below describing your struggles and your desired outcomes. 

  • We will schedule a time for a session and we will discuss the obstacles standing in your way.



Who Is Eligible For a Session?

  • You must be a teacher who totally believes in inclusion. Since we're going to be working with students with special needs, I'm only interested in helping people who will be able to provide a significant transformation for those students.

  • You must be patient, open-minded, and ready to do things in a different way. As you have already noticed, traditional methods do not always work. I can only help you if you are flexible enough to try different methods and approaches. 


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