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Does Your Student Struggle With Reading Music?​

The Easier Piano Books are the perfect primer books that will guide your students step by step until they are prepared and confident to start on a regular method book of your choice.

When you buy The Easier Piano Book you get the following extra support:

  1. Studio license. You may print out as many copies as you need as long as you are using them for your students.

  2. You will be eligible for a 30 minutes FREE video call with me to answer any questions and concerns regarding using the book, valid for a whole month after the day of purchase.

  3. I will be answering your questions by email at any time as they may occur while using the book.

"Studying with Dima has been amazing for my son Caspar who is 8 years old! Being dyslexic, he had struggled to learn to read music notes for more than a year, and his last teacher could not help him. As a parent, I saw that playing the piano lessons became a stressful experience for Caspar and that he lost them of playing the piano. I was over the moon when I found Dima’s website and when she agreed to teach Caspar! Amazingly, he learned to read the notes in very little time using Dima’s colour coding system, and he has made incredible progress. Dima has demonstrated both endless patience and warm empathy which have helped Caspar to overcome his initial difficulties very quickly. The most surprising aspect of this success is that the classes have all happened online over Zoom (Dima is based in Amman, we are in London). Dima and Caspar have developed a wonderful rapport and mutual understanding over the last year which allows them to do the classes completely independently, and I am not needed for help. I can't recommend Dima highly enough!"
Ilka Dunn, Casper's mother (Casper 8 years old), London - England

"I have just taken on my first student with Down Syndrome. I had no idea where to start to find specialised information. I just came across your articles and video and wanted to say thank you so much for publishing this material! It has helped me immensely and has made me very excited about the process ahead."

J M, Piano Teacher, Sydney - Australia

“I loved the piano book, it is colorful and inviting and makes music inviting to all children. Music reading can be challenging to many students, and I do think that this book overcomes this challenge with its simplicity and smooth structure. This book opens door to many young beginners and children with learning difficulties who might face challenges with traditional music notation.”
Nisreen Jardaneh, piano teacher and piano and pedagogy researcher, Abu Dhabi - UAE
“Piano sessions developed my son’s talent and his passion for music, and at the same time, they were a therapy for his speech delay,”
Khaled’s mother - Khaled (6 years old), Amman - Jordan
“Piano teacher hits the right note for children with learning difficulties.”
Jordan Times, Amman-Jordan, June 7, 2016



“Dima was able to teach to my son’s ability and bring out the best in him. After only 5 weeks of piano lessons with her, Marwan’s teachers were very impressed by how much his handwriting has improved.”

Marwan’s mother, Marwan (15 years old), Amman - Jordan






“This music book is written in an innovative way, my little kid keeps murmuring the music notes A A B B C C and the tunes that he learns during his sessions. Amazingly great and user-friendly book.”


AA, Mother of a 6-year-old child, Amman – Jordan

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