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Hand Gym for Piano Students

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

After receiving several emails from different piano teachers asking about collapsing finger joints and weak fingers, I realized how common it is to encounter this problem with some students, especially the younger students or students with special needs.

Not only does building finger strength and dexterity have a positive effect on piano playing abilities, but also, according to a study done by Helge Ritter and Robert "Haschke Hands, Dexterity and the Brain*", improving finger dexterity also has a positive effect on cognitive ability and many daily activities. “It becomes obvious that any deep understanding of human dexterity will almost inevitably lead us into elucidating much of the essence of cognitive interaction from the “physical” sensorimotor level straight up to the highest levels of thinking, language, social, and even emotional interaction.”

Trying to overcome this problem I compiled some exercises that I do with the students who need them at the end of every lesson. Some parents and school teachers were so happy with the results that they asked me to do a video and share it with them.

Watch the video below and try them yourself with your students. I would be very happy to hear your comments.

* To read the article check the following link


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