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The Easier Piano Book 2 - Inside the Studio!

Today, and for the very first time, I want to invite you to my studio to watch a small part of a lesson. I've always been curious and enjoyed watching other teachers and seeing how things are done in other piano studios, now you get the chance to come to mine, welcome in!


My student Larry (not his real name) has ADHD and has joined the studio a few months ago. We finished the first primer book and now working on The Easier Piano Book 2, link below.

In this lesson - The Echo, Larry is showing me the signs that he is almost able to move to the next step and start on the regular method book and slowly wean off the colors.

I want to give credit to Hanne Deniere for the cute fish and color system that she created in her Children are Composers program. Thank you Hanne!



Thanks! Message sent.

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